Nina Rodriguez

Nationally Celebrated, Grammy-winning percussionist, Clinician and Educator

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The Power of Drumming

Her extraordinary energy and dedication to the power of drumming has shaped her career as a lead facilitator with Drum Cafe West Coast for leadership and teambuilding across the United States.

Through Drum Café West Coast, Nina has inspired thousands of Fortune 1,000 employees including those from Microsoft, Levis, Gap, Wells Fargo, NBC, Google and more. She has conducted symphonies of rhythm throughout hundreds of schools, using drumming as a means to deal with issues as complex as bullying, diversity, and health and wellness – in which she shared the stage with “TV’s Toughest Trainer,” Jillian Michaels.

Sponsored as a touring musician by Toca Percussion™ and Vic Firth, Nina has supported Randy Travis, Loretta Lynn, Aaron Ellington Prado, George Prado, Yehuda Glantz, Azul, Bett Butler, Joel Dilley, Katchie Cartright, Richard Oppenheim and other world-class artists. Nina is a member of the SA Musicians Society. Nina travels with hundreds of djembes for audience members, Stage gear consists of: Toca Djun Duns, Toca Wood Cajon, Triple Conga Cajon, Custom Deluxe Wood Conga, Quinto, Tumba, Bongos, Black Mamba Djembe and assorted hand percussion and sound effects.

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